Updated Information on "What Can You Do?"

Catalyst Corporate is forwarding the following communication received from Federal Reserve Financial Services. As a reminder, please be diligent about reviewing ACH activity daily:

As previously reported, the Federal Reserve Banks have seen a recent increase in fraudulent payment activity in the FedACH® network in which Federal Reserve Bank routing transit numbers are being used for unauthorized payments, including consumer bill payments and other large dollar transactions. To date, these unauthorized payments have been returned through the normal ACH return process, using an "R03 – No Account/Unable to Locate Account" return reason code or "R34 – Limited Participation DI" return reason code.

What Can You Do?
Because of the volume of fraudulent payments, we have notified the appropriate law enforcement agencies. We encourage financial institutions to closely monitor this activity to identify these items as early as possible and take appropriate actions.

If your organization has incurred a financial loss as a result of this fraud scheme, please contact Special Agent Brad Carpenter with the FBI Cyber Division, bmcarpenter@fbi.gov.