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Catalyst Cloud Computing (C3)
Elevating Technology Management

C3 – Overview

Catalyst Corporate is offering Catalyst Cloud Computing (C3) to provide credit unions a safe, sound and secure way to take advantage of the benefits of "upsourcing" information technology systems and processes.

With C3 credit unions will find a library of pre-installed applications designed specifically for financial institutions, connectivity to third-party providers, and virtually unlimited computing power that can be scaled on demand. Catalyst Corporate’s C3 solution is not just virtualization or outsourcing – it’s a modular platform that allows credit unions to adopt state-of-the-art technology with the confidence of industry-best security and compliance. There are no latency issues and no availability concerns, and with the C3 webtop, credit union applications and data will always be available anywhere, any time and from any computer. C3’s fully compliant and redundant cloud grid can be leveraged for all mission-critical applications, including Microsoft Office and a variety of financial services applications.

C3 Offerings:
  • C3 Complete: Comprehensive cloud computing for IT applications; includes Total Message Management and Data Assurance
  • C3 Managed Services: Managed services that are available a la carte, either in the cloud or on-premise at the credit union

The table below summarizes C3 configurations:

Solution Included with C3 Complete Available with C3 Complete Managed C3 Stand-alone Available as Non-Cloud
Total Message Management Yes Yes Yes N/A
ActiveSync Support   Yes Yes N/A
Blackberry Support   Yes Yes N/A
Mobile Device Management   Yes Yes N/A
Risk Director   Yes Yes Yes
Data Encryption   Yes Yes Yes
Data Assurance Yes Yes Yes N/A
Critical Systems Management   Yes Yes Yes
Total Desktop Management   Yes Yes Yes
Intrusion Prevention   Yes Yes Yes
Board of Directors Collaboration Access   Yes    
Multifactor Authentication   Yes N/A N/A
SharePoint   Yes   N/A
Support Services   Yes Yes Yes

Why C3

Catalyst Corporate’s C3 offerings were built from the ground up for financial institutions. As a result, C3’s integrated security and business resumption components far exceed those of “public” clouds and other general-business cloud providers. Catalyst Corporate chose D+H to power its C3 solution because of the company’s demonstrated commitment to industry-leading security. D+H is subject to regulatory examinations from the NCUA, FDIC and OTS, and its solutions and controls are continually validated by third-party audits including the new SSAE 16 SOC2 Type II audit reports.

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