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Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a network of financial institutions that transmits electronic debits and credits throughout the U.S. Transactions include payroll, consumer bills, tax payments and refunds and many more payment services. ACH is a cost effective and timely way to move money.

The mission of ACH Central and the ACH Advisor newsletter is to keep credit unions up-to-date on ACH rules and regulations, processes to improve operational efficiency, deadlines, training opportunities and answers to their ACH questions.

Catalyst Corporate offers a full complement of ACH services, including ACH Origination, ACH Receipt, International ACH, Business ACH Origination, ACH Contingency Support and ACH Fraud Protection.

Additionally, a team of Accredited ACH Professionals provides training on ACH topics throughout the year, such as: 

  • ACH Rules 
  • ACH Audit Requirements 
  • Risk Management and Assessment
  • Returns and Exception Processing 

Same-Day ACH

The three phases of Same-Day ACH are complete. It's mandatory for financial institutions to post all Same-Day credits by 5 p.m. local time. Same-Day items can be included in the A and B receipt files along with all other future dated items, and the Fed can send up to two additional files that include only Same-Day returns.

Same-Day ACH can benefit financial institutions. For example: 

  • If items were originated in error, a Same-Day reversal can be sent, so that all items settle at the same time to minimize risk. A regular ACH item settles the next day, which provides the member additional time to withdraw the funds before a reversal posts. If an item is returned, it would be up to the ODFI to collect the funds.
  • The credit union can provide another payment option to its members. In the past, the best option for posting a credit on the same day was through a wire transfer. Same-Day provides the institution with another avenue.
  • The Fed charges a fee of only 5.2 cents per Same-Day transaction.


Be sure to check this website for the latest ACH information, news and updates.